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To purchase TEEAL, you must be a public or non-profit organization in an eligible country. Please consult the eligibility list.

Why does TEEAL have a cost associated with it?
TEEAL is a self-funded non-profit project. The content itself is free to eligible institutions. Publishers have generously donated journals with an estimated value of over $1 million. However, TEEAL is a physical information product that involves expenses related to the annual production of updates, upgrades, shipping, administration, outreach and training. TEEAL is available at a fraction of the cost of individual subscriptions to its journals. For additional pricing information,  contact us.

The Basic Collection
Journals spanning 1993-2015
Over 450 academic, peer-reviewed journals with full-text articles: every word, graphic and table from the original article. The articles in TEEAL are stored on a small "mini computer" that allows for more "plug and play"-style use on either a computer or on a local area network.

The base cost for a 1993-2015 Basic Collection is $5,000 USD. Contact the TEEAL Project Office at for additional details.

Due to a specific Gates grant, additional discount options are also available for educational or research institutions located within specified countries, including Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

If your institution is located within one of the above countries, please contact the TEEAL Project Office at for additional specifics about pricing and possible discounts for your institution.

Annual updates
Journal literature spanning one publication year

Each update adds thousands of new articles to the TEEAL collection - including new journals added to the collection every year, as well as back content from journals already included in the collection. Updates with the previous year’s content are provided on external flash drives that plug into a USB port of the TEEAL machine for easy installation.

Cost for Annual updates: Contact the TEEAL Project Office at for additional details.

Shipping (by courier) and handling is included in the price; customs duties, however, are payable by the receiver. We make every effort to expedite TEEAL through customs with minimum of duties assessed.

To place an order for a TEEAL set or annual update, please contact us via email at Please indicate exactly whether you are interested in ordering a full TEEAL set (for new users), or updates, as well as the name of your institution and how you plan to arrange for payment. We accept payments made by electronic bank transfer ("wire transfer"), money order/cashier's check, credit card, and UNESCO coupons.


Payments for TEEAL may be made by the following methods:

Wire transfers

To make a wire transfer payment to TEEAL, please submit payment via the following banking information:

Beneficiary name Cornell University Depositary Account
Beneficiary address Ithaca, NY 14850
Beneficiary account number 01-101-000065
Beneficiary bank name Tompkins Trust Company
Beneficiary bank address The Commons
215 E. State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Beneficiary bank SWIFT code TMPKUS33

Money order or cashier’s check

Please make the money order or cashier’s check payable to Cornell University and submit to:

The Essential Electronic Agriculture Library (TEEAL)
Albert R. Mann Library
237 Mann Drive
Ithaca, NY 14853
United States

* For any questions or comments prior to mailing in payment via money order or cashier's check, please contact the TEEAL Office at

Major credit card

For instructions on how to pay with a major credit card, please email us at: