What is TEEAL?

TEEAL, or The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library, is a full-text and searchable database of articles from more than 450 high-quality research journals in agriculture and the related sciences. For many years, TEEAL has been improving access at institutions with limited Internet time and/or financial resources. It is a searchable, offline, digital library which contains mainly agriculturally focused reference journals updated annually and delivered by the TEEAL Project Office at Cornell University’s Mann Library.

Beginning with the 2012 Update of the collection, which accounts for the redesign of both the TEEAL hardware and software (and released back in August 2014), the collection arrives on a "mini computer" that you can run on one computer workstation or make available to multiple computers via your Local Area Network (LAN) or intranet. Subsequent annual updates are provided on flash drives.

View a video demo of TEEAL. (video of 1993-2013 base set of the collection)

TEEAL is available for purchase at a low cost, and is solely for education and research in public and non-profit institutions in income-eligible countries. Should you have questions regarding the eligibility of your institution, please contact the TEEAL Project Office by emailing us at teeal@cornell.edu. The link can be found at the bottom of this page.

When you purchase TEEAL for the first time, you receive applicable hardware containing journal content from 1993 through the currently available update year. TEEAL is updated each year. Individual updates are shipped to current/paid subscribers every year.

Beginning with the release of the 2012 Update of the collection, TEEAL has been delivered to institutions on a small mini computer. Shipment also includes a short Ethernet cable and applicable power cables for the mini computer itself.

We also include an installation manual for the base set being received, and we have excellent, in-house technical support staff that can assist if any questions arise during the installation process.

TEEAL is also newly compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms. Once TEEAL is installed, users can search for and retrieve full-text articles. You can run TEEAL on a single computer, or host the collection on a server and share it over a local network.

Noted below are the System requirements for running the new TEEAL. As has always been the case though, it must be reiterated that it is strictly forbidden to provide access to TEEAL over the Internet.

System requirements

The following requirements are the minimum necessary to host the TEEAL collection on a network.

COMPUTER SYSTEM Standalone or networked computer running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
PORTS Ethernet port (red Ethernet cable included in initial shipment, but is short - institutions can replace at own discretion)
BROWSER COMPATIBILITY Default web browser should be set for user workstations that will be accessing TEEAL; while TEEAL remains OFFLINE, a web browser is used to access the TEEAL interface
SOFTWARE Adobe Reader (provided; included within TEEAL software)

Production schedule

It takes one full year to produce the annual update for TEEAL; furthermore, since the redesign of TEEAL, we are working to continually evolve and strengthen our production process. Should you have any questions about where we are in a given production cycle - including the expected release date of the next update - then please feel free to contact us by email at teeal@cornell.edu.