Informational Materials

Whether you wish to raise awareness of TEEAL at your institution to attract more users, or share information about it in support of its acquisition for your institution, we are pleased to provide you with these promotional materials that you may download, print and distribute according to your needs. Versions of these materials are also available in Español or Français.


Bookmark thumbnail

A two-sided bookmark listing the benefits of using TEEAL and the subject areas covered

Bookmark1-EN.pdf136.17 KB

TEEAL Promotional Sheet/Mini Poster

Mini poster thumbnail
mini-poster-en.pdf1012.19 KB

Logo (only TEEAL name text)

TEEAL logo

This TEEAL logo image includes the "teeal" name text under the logo image itself. Again, this image can be used on your web page to link to the TEEAL website (not the TEEAL Program).

TEEAL-logo-with-name.png87.31 KB

Logo (without text)

TEEAL logo

This TEEAL logo image can also be used on your web page to link to the TEEAL website (not the TEEAL Program).

Teeal-logo-notext.png22.4 KB



Poster for the OARE/AGORA programs, part of TEEAL's Research4Life partnership

Poster-AGORA.pdf6.92 MB


TEEAL logo with full text

These logo images can be used on your web page to link to the TEEAL website (not the TEEAL Program).

TEEAL-Logo-EN.png14.76 KB


TEEAL Brochure

Our promotional brochure with photos and graphics providing a description of TEEAL, a list of journals and subject areas, technical specifications, system requirements and price

TEEAL-Brochure-EN.pdf1.09 MB

TEEAL Poster

TEEAL Poster

TEEAL has created a marketing poster, approximately 17" by 23" in size. The poster design highlights TEEAL's most prominent attributes, and even includes the subject categories included in the collection. A white space is provided at the bottom of the poster as well, which staff at TEEAL-subscribing institutions can utilize to direct TEEAL users to the location of the TEEAL set at their institution.

TEEAL-Poster-EN.pdf1.49 MB

TEEAL Simple Flyer


To be used for high-volume marketing purposes of TEEAL at subscribing institutions, the TEEAL simple flyer is a single-page mini poster that can easily be photocopied and made available at trainings and workshops, within a library or workstation, or posted on bulletin boards. (Note: Original design is on A4 paper size, but the image can be "Fit to Screen" in order to accomodate 8.5" X 11" paper as well)

TEEAL-Flyer-EN.pdf33.02 KB

PROTA Poster


PROTA is now included as an additional installation with the TEEAL collection (beginning with the 2009 Update content). Subscribing institutions are more than welcome to utilize this poster, made available to TEEAL by the PROTA Foundation.

poster-PROTABASE.png4.6 MB

"All About TEEAL" PDF

All About TEEAL

The "All About TEEAL" PDF document provides an introduction to TEEAL as "Your instant access to thousands of articles from over 275 journals in agricultural and related sciences – no Internet required."

All-About-TEEAL.pdf1.37 MB