Quotes and Testimonials

We continue to receive anecdotal feedback indicating that TEEAL is a valuable resource, especially where Internet connectivity is limited. We commissioned a User Study to survey TEEAL users in Asia, Africa and Latin America to evaluate whether TEEAL was meeting its objective: to enhance the quality and effectiveness of agricultural research and teaching by improving students’ and researchers' access to relevant literature.

In the survey, almost 80% of respondents said that TEEAL improved their productivity and about 75% agreed that it improved the quality of their work. Users, who were largely research scientists, university faculty and graduate students, found that TEEAL's resources are both relevant to and adequate for their needs, and they trust the articles in TEEAL. In addition, data gathered from users indicated a desire for a more agile information resource, and so launched the conversion of TEEAL from a compact disc resource to one delivered on a small, external hard drive with the capacity to offer access via local area network.

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TEEAL is one of our important source of information and has made accessing of information very easy for us.

Irene Okpul, Librarian and Information Officer, Sir Alkan Tololo Research Center, National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Papua New Guinea, August 2015

I must also acknowledge that using (TEEAL) is most easy and friendly. I wish the other databases we access could do the same for us. (...) Once again I wish to thank your TEEAL team for this wonderful and new opportunity which makes it easy for our students and staff to be able access the database.

Nicholas Rubosa, Principal Librarian, Technical Services, Solomon Islands National University, Solomon Islands, August 2014

On behalf of Uganda Christian University Library, kindly accept our utmost gratitude in ensuring the procurement of this TEEAL kit from which I am sure our UCU community and other researchers shall benefit. We shall also endeavour to keep up with the updates of the journals.

David Bukenya, Library Department Member, Hamu Mukasa Library, Uganda Christian University, Uganda, May 2012

We are using TEEAL a lot for a the writing and submission processes of the researchers’ projects and the students’ theses. To date it is the most valuable scientific bibliographic support that we have had because it includes original articles in all of the subject areas of the Faculty of Food and Agricultural Science and the Environment and related areas.

Dr. Rafael Vasquéz, Dean, School of Food Sciences and the Environment, Universidad ISA, Dominican Republic, May 2013

Thank you very much for this huge volume of information. On behalf of my organisation I really appreciate and acknowledge the great support TEEAL has given to small agricultural research organisations in the region.

Edward M. Edawi, Librarian, Coffee Industry Corporation, Papua New Guinea, May 2013

The TEEAL library is a great help in our work.

Edgar Guardia, Executive Director, Fundación Valles (FDTA), Bolivia, April 2012

We had wanted to acquire TEEAL for some time, but due to financial difficulty we were unable to do so. Our library considers TEEAL to be a great resource for our information needs. It is a very a user friendly tool.

Cecilia Ferreyra, Head, CIP Library, International Potato Center (CIP), Peru, October 2011

TEEAL has been a lifeline and has now been our first stop shop for agricultural related requests.

Samuela Nakalevu, Librarian, The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Fiji, October 2011

I estimate that our users have benefited from the value of the information obtained via the articles downloaded from TEEAL by around 30 times the cost that BAN invested for the annual TEEAL update.

Myriam Coronado T., Agronomist, National Agricultural Library, National Agricultural University, La Molina, Peru, October 2011

For us, TEEAL is fundamental since it puts an infinity of information within reach, and updated information. We are very pleased and feel lucky to have it since this will give all of our academic fields a greater range and depth.

César Alvarado, Head, Forestry Research Department, National School of Forestry (ESNACIFOR), Honduras, October 2011

TEEAL is a solution for instant access to current and quality information.

James French, Director of Technical Cooperation, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, Costa Rica, June 2009

The academic resource materials will highly be useful for all the OAU Electronic Library users from now henceforth. Truly, this is a noticeable landmark for the OAU Electronic Library to be at the forefront of academic research library.

Mr. Olujide Francis Oguntoye, The Electronic Library, Dean's Office, Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, May 2010

TEEAL serves as a reference material in Biological, Applied Biology and Agricultural Sciences for Lecturers and Students. Students in Natural and Applied Sciences have been encouraged to utilize TEEAL to get scientific information not readily available on the internet for their assignments and project work. TEEAL is an invaluable resource.

Revd. Canon B. F. Akindojutimi, University Librarian, Wesley University of Sciences and Technology, Ondo, Nigeria, June 2010

As a librarian, I love this tool. I feel satisfied when I am able to supply current information to my users courtesy of TEEAL.

Geoffrey Elayioga, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), Kitale, Kenya, July 2010

[The] TEEAL database is our best electronic resource because of its wide coverage and availability. Students and researchers use it heavily.

John K Thuku, Head Librarian, ICT, Kenyatta University, Kenya, September 2005

Since we introduced TEEAL, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number and currency of citations in student theses and papers. Before there might be only a couple of references and badly outdated from the 1980s.

Professor Willis Oluoch-Kosura, Dean, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya, October 2005

The use of LanTEEAL has been overwhelming. It is used from 8.00am to 5.00pm. We have assigned one user per hour to allow others access.

George G. Njoroge, Head, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University, Kenya, September 2006

(...) we received with great appreciation the TEEAL set sent to us. It is a real boost to our Library, the institution and local farmers as they will have access to more wide, current and relevant information resources. (...) We are proud to be associated with you and to be among the very lucky institutions to have this vital facility.

Michael Otai, Librarian, The Library, Bondo University College, Kenya, August 2011

TEEAL is indeed very accessible and very useful database for the whole SEAFDEC/AQD community. Our scientists and researchers were very amazed about the it, for it provided them wide-array of quality peer-reviewed scientific papers for their research needs. (...) TEEAL is a very useful and user-friendly database of quality, peer-reviewed scientific agricultural researches, and I strongly recommend it.

Luisa G. Pacino, Head of SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department Library (Former), Aquaculture Department Library, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), Philippines, August 2011

TEEAL is one of our main databases for providing up to date and relevant agricultural information to our students and lecturing staff. (…) For us, ease of access, ease of use and the fact TEEAL does not cost as much as other online databases in this subject area are the major plusses!

Angela Jowitt, Senior Librarian, Alafua Campus Library, University of the South Pacific, Samoa, January 2011

TEEAL as have mentioned is very useful resource to ZARI researchers in that it has a greater advantage for required literature search and full-text information. Particularly in places where the internet is not yet available or not working properly. TEEAL is there in full-text and is always accessible.

Jenevieve Namangala, Librarian, Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI), Zambia, March 2010

This is to thank you very sincerely for what I would call the most precious Gift that this University has ever received. I want to assure you that this set will go along way to make Pwani University a great academic institution (...) This TEEAL set will go along way to making a great contribution to the scholarly life of this University, the community and neighbors of Pwani University. We shall make greatest use of it.

Owen Baya, Senior Assistant Registrar, Pwani University College, Kenya, October 2010

TEEAL has a profound effect on the agricultural research system. It provides access to the world's most important scientific literature, which would otherwise be unaffordable even to key research institutions. It helps bring about research excellence in agriculture.

Dr. Elisio Ponce, Former Director, Philippine Bureau of Agricultural Research, Philippines, January 2000

We purchased TEEAL because we found out that it includes most of the journals that were usually requested by professors and students from different fields. Our budget was never sufficient to cover the subscriptions to much needed scientific journals. The TEEAL software is very easy to use. Library users are very satisfied with TEEAL because they can review information very fast.

Clara Figueroa, Library Director, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru, January 2000

I consider TEEAL one of the most efficient and effective ways to provide scientists, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, with up-to-date information on the state of agricultural research across a wide diversity of fields.

Jacob Kampen, formerly Lead Specialist, Agricultural Research, World Bank, January 2003

TEEAL is a big leap in information dissemination and accessibility especially in this part of the globe.

Dr. Babatunde Nuga, Dept of Soil Science and Agroclimatology, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Nigeria, September 2004

A remarkable contribution to the provision of agriculture database for research, teaching and overall development in the provision of agricultural information.

Adedayo N. Deen, College Library, Njala University College, Sierra Leone, March 2002

It is important that researchers have access to research results across country borders. TEEAL and AGORA are very important vehicles for facilitating such cross-country communication of results from agricultural research. Researchers in many developing countries have a particularly hard time getting access to the relevant journals, a problem that is signficantly reduced by these two programs.

Per Pinstrup-Andersen, the H.E. Babcock Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy, Cornell University, USA, June 2005

Egerton is very proud to have TEEAL because it's cost effective and works in offline mode hence its not exposed to poor communications.

Professor Louis Mumera, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University, Kenya, January 2003

What a difference the TEEAL collection has made for the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council library. Before when I used to go, the library was dark and no one was there. Now it is a vibrant library with so many students waiting to use the TEEAL and reading books, journals, etc.

Craig A. Meisner, Agronomist, IFDC and Adjunct Professor, Cornell University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 2005

TEEAL adapts perfectly with our current user's needs: it's fast, since it's not in the Internet, though it's on our intranet, it covers more than 10 years in 130 journals, and it contains a good portion of the topics most relevant in agriculture.

Hugo Alberto Gallo M., Head, Wilson Popenoe Library, Escuela Agrícolo Panamericana Zamorano, Honduras, July 2008